the yoga groupon

Once again, here’s another post that goes like this: I buy a groupon, my catholic guilt gets the best of me, I drive myself crazy squeezing every drip out of said groupon. If you’re familiar with this story, you can go back to whatever you were doing before you opened this.

Here’s the thing, I love yoga. For some reason, I forget that and try to make myself love running. Sure, running is fine, but no comparison to sweating it out on a mat for me.

Honestly, I just dig group fitness classes, many thanks Tiger X. This spring Class Pass rolled out in Dallas and they tempt me regularly online with promotions to sign up. The pros and cons add up in my mind and I wind up talking myself out of it.

pilates cartoonSee, all-you-can-eat situations don’t agree with my bang-for-your-buck attitude and deeply-ingrained catholic guilt. If I paid for this buffet, you better believe I’ll go back for seconds and thirds and soft serve. It’s not pretty. This leads me to avoiding the unlimited options because I don’t like feeling stuffed.

Like the Golden Corral, unlimited exercise classes for a month, would make a monster of me.

Last time I lost it over a 10 class groupon. I can only imagine if I shelled out $80 every month for class pass. Yes, I would be a fitness machine, but I think I would feel crazy. So for now, I’ll put it off.

Instead, groupon lured me with a much cheaper unlimited yoga for a month deal. So now, when my life couldn’t be busier those classes are nudging their way onto my bursting schedule. While I don’t need another thing to do, that hour on the mat has become my favorite part of the day.

This studio is the perfect mix of armpit hair, manbuns, eccentric tattoos, old college tees and lulu lemon outfits.  The instructors effortlessly mix hard stuff with energizing language that makes me think I can actually wrap around and grab that other arm. The room we practice in is a cool 85 degrees and there’s sweat dripping off my face by the end proving that I’m getting my $30’s worth.

I realize this was the last thing I need in the coming month, but at the same time this is the only thing I really need.