the 2015 christmas letter

If you’re lucky enough to be on the esteemed Whitney Christmas poem or the inimitable Heffernan Christmas update mailing list, you are truly blessed. Josh and I sent a Christmas card this year with a wedding photo to some lucky people who haven’t changed their mailing address since August. We didn’t write a letter, or a poem, because it felt weird considering we don’t have any kids or even a cute dog to report on for the year. I love receiving them so much that I feel like a fraud for skimping out on the good ole fashioned writing. We did have quite a year, so I’m going to lay it out Christmas card-style for you here.

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy new year, Hanukkah blessings, whatever you celebrate! Whatever you are doing, we hope it’s happy and your air travel is smooth and your cheetos are fresh.

(Insert small talk about how fast the year blew by or how dismal the news is lately. Good thing for Christmas cheer, amirite?)

The past 12 months have turned our world upside down. For starters, we started 2015 in two different worlds. Josh lived in a world where it was ok to leave dishes in the sink for a couple of days. Shannon lived in a world where nachos and a banana were considered an acceptable meal. In August two worlds became one and everything changed.

Back up a minute, we moved in together to a new apartment at the end of June. Shannon was inconsolable about leaving behind a five star roommate for a new recruit, but Josh comforted her with triple brownie ice cream. Allll of Shannon’s stuff and alllll of Josh’s instruments now live in in a one bedroom in Oaklawn. We’re still figuring out the details, but if you don’t follow me on snapchat (shanbooboochild) you are missing some killer family room concerts.

I got to experience my first Hefferfest this summer! The most secretive family reunion of all time did not disappoint. We boated, we skied, we swam, we drank, we ate whipped cream out of the can. If you have the opportunity to marry a Heffernan, I’d say go for it.

The rest of the year involved many, many phone call and emails surrounding wedding plans and a certain Taylor Swift concert (which one you might ask, the August one). We are both so thrilled to be married and that the day went swimmingly. Seriously, the biggest and best thank you to everyone who made it so special. And the dancing was epic. I’m still looking at the photos semi-regularly. Is that healthy?

In October we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. Read about it here and here. The country is beautiful and we did so many cool things in the rain forest.

Work-wise, 2015 brought new challenges and growth. Josh’s plant was reorganized, so he’s now managing managers (I manage to eat a lot of cheetos). He’s really into that, and dreams of making America great again. In reality, the hours are long, but he digs the challenge of thinking and walking on his feet all day. I know he’s a rock star manager because at a recent funeral  a bunch of his employees stopped me to say so. They all offered glowing reviews, except one woman who said, “Your husband has too much energy for me. He busy. He busy.” I know, sister.

I’m still tweeting away like a crazy person and balancing some freelance on the side. The flight perks and coworkers are marvelous. I snuck in a jaunt to Germany this month to see the Christmas markets and eat my weight in pretzels.

If you lived at our apartment, you would dedicate a least a paragraph of this Christmas letter to music. Josh is so talented and I’m so opinionated, how can we skip it? I saw Taylor Swift in concert twice this year. Call it excessive if you must, but she puts on a heck of a show. Josh saw some smaller indie shows that I cannot recall, but he enjoyed them and you’ve probably never heard of the band anyways. Around the house, we are LOVING Adele’s 25. Josh can play and I can sing pretty much the whole album, feel free to book us for your upcoming holiday parties! Hozier and Taylor Swift also get a lot of airtime.

Honorable mention to the TV shows we binged in 2015: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, SCANDAL, Narcos, Game of Thrones and Master of None. Don’t worry mom, we still both read a lot and exercise sometimes.

Wow, it really has been a year. Like the one upper I am, I’ll try to top it in 2016, but no promises.


Shannon and Josh

P.S. May we all remember 2015 as the year I introduced Josh to the BLT.

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