Tahoe and San Fran

If lately it feels like I’m never home, it’s true. This past week Josh and I went on a trip to South Lake Tahoe and then mozied over to San Francisco for our friend Caleb’s wedding. It’s the longest and biggest trip we’ve taken together since our honeymoon and it was nice to be on a real vacation instead of just popping in or out of town for a quick and dirty weekend.

Since I started working at Southwest I’ve been talking about going to Lake Tahoe. The problem is, it’s really far from Dallas and I wanted to spend some quality time in nature. Neither Josh nor I ski, not for lack of interest- we just legit don’t know how. Besides, we love to hike and swim, so summer is a better season for our outdoorsiness. When we got invited to the wedding in SF, I cleared our calendars so we could make this happen. Boston, I think you might be next.


We flew in to Reno late on Tuesday and drove an hour to the southern shore of the lake. Wednesday we put in 10 miles total starting on the Angora Trail around Fallen Leaf Lake. When we got to the crest to catch another trail back down, we ran into Malcolm. He’d been coming to his grandpa’s cabin for the last 84 years and recommend we backtrack to catch another trail and hike back to the Angora Lakes.



One thing that I love about traveling with Josh is how he’s always game. Sure, he was cool to retrace a mile or so to find this lake with a sandwich shop on the shore. It added a kink to our plans and more walking, but we’re pretty chill travelers. Besides, friendly locals have the best recommendations.

The lake was freezing (they all are there, thanks to the melting snow), but Josh got all the way in and I waded in to my waist. After lunch, we found the Clark trail back down to the car.



For the afternoon, we headed to Heavenly to ride the gondola, which was down due to fire. We stayed for a beer, then rented kayaks from the Tahoe Keys. The wind whipped at us in both directions and the water stayed choppy for most of the hour and a half we were out. It was the hardest kayak paddling I’ve done in a while, maybe ever. Still, the blue, blue water and the beautiful mountains in every direction made it worth it. It felt like being in a pool. A giant, cold pool with a wind machine.


On Thursday, we hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) for about six miles that eventually turned into ten. The stretch along Echo Lakes has a boat taxi at the end that’ll bring you back to the start. The little community of rustic cabins out there and all the trail people were getting me into my “I love nature, why do I live in a city?!” groove. That generally comes on day two of vacation without cell service. I can’t recommend going off the grid enough. We made it back to Tamarak Lake and then caught the taxi back.


Sometimes we chatted about music or politicians  or Wild or the Taylor/Kimye feud or pointed out weird stuff along the trail. Lots of time was spent in silence, just looking around with big eyes and panting breath (when going uphill).  The Lake Tahoe area could not have been more comfortable. Our mornings started in the 60s and the day creeped up to the 80s. Excellent temps for layering flannel and backpacks on and off. These photos don’t hold a candle to the real deal.

We caught lunch in Heavenly and this time rode the gondola up to the ski report-turned ropes course for the summer months. The ride up was a little pricey, but worth the view and the ride.


We finished the day in Emerald Bay at the Vikingsholm State Park. The hike isn’t too long, but it was steep for a stunning view of the bay and the old house on the property. We waded into the lake to wash off our gnarly hiking feet.

Oh and Reese Witherspoon retweeted me.


We left Friday morning for San Francisco to meet up with the Rubles. We did some touristy stuff and walked along the pier. Josh ate three bowls of clam chowder in two days. He can’t get enough. We checked out the City Lights Bookstore where the beatniks got started and had drinks in North Beach. For dinner, we ate at El Farolito in the Mission. I’m still dreaming about that burrito.


Before the wedding on Saturday, Josh, Lily and I rented bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was about an 8 mile loop and the ferry takes you back to town from Sausalito. We only had to walk the bikes up a couple of hills and the bridge was terrifying/exhilarating. I highly recommend doing it next time you’re in town!



The wedding was beautiful and so fancy! We had fun meeting the other Mizzou people there and requesting early 2000s rap from the DJ. There was also a green screen photobooth that we took some liberties with props. What a weekend, what a night.






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