repeating dresses

One year later, I finally picked up Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. Is my life changed? Not quite yet.

Kondo brings up some interesting points about how attached we are to clutter for one reason or another- gifts, sentimentality, what if I need it, etc, etc.  She encouraged me to clean out and let go of stuff I don’t use. I’m planning a little purging this weekend.  I love how she says to store things in a convenient place to putting them away as opposed to using the items.

Her advice leans toward the extreme side, though. She’s ready to live in an empty place, which I like in theory. In real life, it would make me sad to keep all the things I love in my closet. Just not me.

She said that clothes you never wear should go. I don’t think Marie would want to shop with me. She advocates buying fewer, quality things and making them last forever. I love that idea. In my perfect world, I would do that.

Instead, I live in this world where I feel guilty about throwing out perfectly nice things that I may wear. She would tell me to do it and on the off-chance, I should just buy something else if I need a replacement in the future. This implies that future me will want to shop for a new dress/black slacks/or whatever.

I’ve always been a spiritual shopper. Sometimes I want to browse up and down aisles and touch and try on clothes. Most of the time, I want in and out. A quick lap around provides me enough info as to if I want anything at all.

When I’m on a mission to find something specific, it’s too forced. It’s not fun and I don’t find what I’m looking for in the allotted time. I know that I do my best work on my time. Things find me, even during the wrong season. But man, when I find something that clicks and it’s a deal- it’s mine. I’m not worried about when to wear it, unless it’s a full-out formal.

So I have a closet FULL of dresses, in particular. I’ve worn most more than once and I keep them in hopes to wear them again and again. I’m not the kind of person who buys something for a specific event, wears it once and then forgets. Some women treasure the feeling of something new for an event. I get excited to pull one of these babies out of the closet. Josh is the same way about his suits. He has three (I think?) and all three fit him and look great. He likes all three and enjoys wearing them.

My dresses get loved. Social media rats on how often I rewear these babies.  Here’s a walk down memory lane where I call out myself on repeats. Also, thanks to all the wedding photogs for these photos.

I bought this dress at Loft and wore it in Tahiti (not pictured), for my cousin’s wedding in July 2015 here:

And again at Kristen’s wedding this summer:

My mom found this dress with gold polkadots before college graduation. I still love it and want to wear it every weekend. It made an appearance under my graduation robe:

Here it is again at the Heart Ball in 2013 (?):

Once more time at Emily’s rehearsal dinner in December 2013. I think Alexis may have repeated the same dress from the Heart Ball that night too.

Before my wedding, I was searching high and low for a fancy white dress to wear at the rehearsal dinner. I hated everything I tried on in those weeks. I finally, released myself from the need to wear white for that event. Only then did I stumble across this pink lacy dress. I wore it the day before the wedding.

It came back out to play at Katie’s wedding last April. Also, not pictued at Steve’s rehearsal dinner.

I bought this dress without a plan and wore it to Kelly’s wedding in Kansas City.

It resurfaced at my bridal shower, with different accessories.

This black flapper dress was a steal from Charming Charlie’s. Here it is at Stef’s wedding.

It danced again at Carolyn’s wedding in October.

All of these dresses are still hanging in my closet begging for another round. I hope to wear them all again.

If I would have cleaned out all these dresses like Marie wanted me to, I would wear the same two dresses all the time or spend half my life shopping. I’m guessing her wedding hustle is not as strong as mine.