pre-holiday workout plan

Looking to get in shape to fit into a hot dress for your big holiday party? Want to lose a lb or two before you eat your weight in turkey and mashed potatoes? Have I got news for you. Follow this easy plan and see results!

1. In May, let your coworker talk you into buying a groupon for ten classes so you can go to hip hop together.

2. That week, go to one class. It’s fun and hard. Bad news, the teacher (named Slim, I’m not joking) is taking the summer off. See you in August.


3. Proceed to forget about your groupon. Just let that little punch card rot in your wallet.

4. Get back from vacation and then find the punchcard. Realize it expires on December 1. That’s two and a half weeks.

5. Freak out and then take nine classes in two weeks to get your money’s worth. Forget your friends and TV and relaxing. There is only time for dance.

So it turns out I’m not good at Samba, even after three classes. I am feeling the burn though. I’d write more, but I have a dance class to hit up.