new york city, from a first timer

This weekend Julie and I met up in New York City. It was the first time in the city for both of us, which is surprising considering we both get out and about fairly often. Julie worked during the week about an hour outside the city. I flew in Thursday night and we met up on Friday to explore. I’ll post more about what we did as soon as I load all my pics.

I always thought, what an expensive place, it looks so crowded and cold on TV, why would anyone want to live there?

I totally get it now.

The city is alive and so walkable or, at least, train and uber-able. We saw all kinds of people speaking different languages, dressed up like Elmos and pushing babies in sleeping bags in strollers. It was a sensory overload and I couldn’t get enough. New Yorkers have a reputation for being harsh and unwelcoming, but it felt like everyone was minding their own business.

Seeing the setting of some of my favorite books, movies and TV shows in real life felt surreal. Being in Central Park and Rockefeller Center seemed like a deja vu since I’ve seen so much of them in the media. The names of the boroughs and neighborhoods and how they fit together made more sense in person too.  I was glad to place Edie Sedgwick in Chelsea and Serena Van der Woodsen in the Upper East Side.

Some of the interactions I’ve seen or read about make more sense. Strange people on trains, long lines/waits and long, narrow bars make more sense in person. Characters who stroll around in heels- looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw- don’t.

Before this trip, I knew more about NYC than any other city I’ve never been (and I still didn’t know much).  Does that sentence even make sense? The point being, Manhattan gets a lot of love and the whole place felt familiar to a first-timer.

I planned and navigated the trip, while Julie carried a mammoth purse with all our needs. We didn’t have trouble getting around using the subways and a couple of ubers. God bless you, Google Maps Offline. Did I mention we walked a lot? We did.

Julie and I squeezed in a ton, but hardly scratched the surface on our list. More on that later this week. Guess we’ll just have to go back.

brooklyn bridge

Saturday is red coat day on the Brooklyn Bridge.