messy progress = progmess

So we bought a house in December with plans to live in it someday. As opposed to buying it to rent or just give tours to our relatives and friends. That’s the end goal: to sleep and cook and decorate and sing Ed Sheeran songs in that house.

So naturally, the first thing we did was not move in boxes and paint the walls less-neutral tans. We started with some light demo, followed by heavy plumbing and with a heaping side of mess. If you saw our house the week we bought it and then saw it this week, you would ask why we made it worse.

For example, last weekend we busted the concrete in the basement and dug in the dirt under that to expose our pipes for the plumbers coming this week. Nothing feels as counterproductive as tearing out your basement floor, trust me. We now have what looks like the start of a lazy river (no water, thankfully!) and a huge dirt pile in our basement. Not to mention, all our kitchen cabinets, some random tools and the stained glass window that will be rehung in the kitchen in all her glory.

Josh and I are learning a lot- thanks dad! We took apart the kitchen, reframed part of it, moved some outlets and other odds and ends. A crew is finishing up the removal of a very dusty plaster wall.

These are all things that are easier to do to an empty house. The mess hasn’t touched our furniture. Everyone who’s ever had work done on their home reminds us that it’s best to do it before moving as opposed to living in the filth.

I know, I know.

But still, I can close my eyes and see the place with our stuff. I can picture our Christmas decorations hung up and see us hosting friends for BBQ in the back. In my mind, this house has been done since I walked through it in November.

Since the world doesn’t (yet) move on my timetable, I have to remind myself about nine times a week that unlike HGTV, our house will not be finished in 48 minutes of programming. We are doing as much of it as we can because (a.) $$$$ (b.) learning is fun! (c.) my dad is a wizard. This is going to take time. It has to look worse before it gets better. It will get better.

I sooth myself with to do lists, calendars, design blogs, loose leaf tea (my new thing) and repeating mantras:

Owning a house it fun!

I’m so proud!

Josh, you’re so strong! (He hates that, I think it’s nice)

Imagine all the gallery walls this place can hold!

We will live here someday!



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