i’m in mourning.

One of my very favorite couples broke up a couple weeks ago and I’ve been lurking on social media looking for clues and hints.

photo from here.

In case you’re wondering, I have a short list of favorite celebrity couples that I casually keep an eye on. I’m rooting for them and checking in like I would on two close friends who are dating. I like each individual, and I like that they have found happiness in each other. Silently I mummer, “Love is real, even for the fake people of Hollywood.”

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff dated for five years. I love her writing and her show. She defies the stereotypical body type and glamour of most famous people. Plus, she’s an advocate who messes up. Roughly twice a year she says or does something offensive and gets shamed by the media. Lena shows us how to say sorry all the time. She shows us that she’s learning and growing. I’m sad it’s on such a public stage, but we need to see people who can apologize.

Jack was in Fun. and Bleachers, plus he co-wrote some of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift and Lorde. In interviews he’s a squirrely guy who cares so much about making music. I love that passion.

Together, they seemed content and supportive. It seemed like they figured it out.

Of course, that’s what I was able to put together given exactly what they showed to me on social media and real media. Judging by the fact that they’re no longer together, there was more going on beneath the surface- shockingly, they didn’t tell me!

I’m sad for Lena who seems like a sensitive soul I would spend hours on the phone with and eventually plan a vacation to meet her somewhere warm.

Don’t worry, I’m sad for Jack too. He seems like a fun, good person who doesn’t get any joy from ending something that was important and, one time, great.

I’m worried about Taylor Swift. Her and Lena are friends and ho over bros ALL DAY. Butttttttt, her music with Jack has never been better. She can’t let that go. Can all three of them get along in order to save a friendship and a career?

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Confession time.

Secretly, I hope both of them funnel this big change into amazing art for me to consume. I want more episodes, more short stories, more think pieces. I hope for another album, better and better songs and longer tours to the city I live in, please.

Is that bad?

Of course, I would have preferred for Lena and Jack to make it. They could have defied the odds and still made great things (for me). But I have to look on the bright side. For them, for us.



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