I‎t takes a village

The past two weeks have been some of the craziest in a long time. I feel like a cloud of a person floating around in space, but luckily there are a lot of people pushing me in the right direction as I figure this out.

Emotionally, I’m exhausted. This was my first week in a new job at a new company. I’ve shook a thousand hands and learned a hundred names. Maybe 15 if them have stuck.

I changed my default browser to Google Chrome and figured out which printer is spitting out my documents. My coworkers helped me find the office baker (she allegedly trained at a pastry school in France) and the office pop culture news source (did you hear about that Alabama congressman?!). I’m still lost finding anything in the shared drive, but I have pages of scribbled notes and great people sitting near me. I can do this.

Josh is more settled in St. Louis and at his job. He’s found a rhythm and I showed up just in time to shake it up. Still, we’re having fun during all this transition.

Shout out to all the parents making this shell of a person function too. Last week my parents flew down, helped me pack and clean, then drove 11 hours back to the promise land with me. We unpacked into their basement. Josh’s parents are letting us squat in their basement, and both sets of parents are feeding us on the regular.

We’ll figure out this housing thing sometime. For now, I’m looking for a less trafficy commute home and figuring out the new gig. Thanks for all the love via texts and calls this week. I really needed it.