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Last Tuesday my trial membership at Liz’s LA Fitness ended. It was a sad, sweaty and confusing day. Sad because I enjoyed the membership. Sweaty because Liz and I had just dropped it low in Zumba. And confusing because I can’t decide if I need to be a member of a gym or not.

They had a deal with a $80 enrollment fee, plus $25 a month.  I have to assume the enrollment fee goes towards the upkeep of the inspirational murals all over the building. As for the monthly fee, if I went to Zumba or one of the other classes at least once a week, it’d be like $8 a class. I pay at least that much for yoga, but without the commitment.

Is that a good choice for me right now?

They have a ton of treadmills, elliptical and weight equipment- which I”ll probably never use. Liz really likes that, but I prefer to run outside and see nature. And by nature, I remind you I’m in Dallas and that’s just everyone walking their little dogs.  Other than running, I do pilates and stretches at home, no gym necessary.

The big selling point of LA Fitness is the pool. Thanks to MU, I was spoiled by the competition-sized lap-pool. I’d go through phases of swimming a few days every week and then I’d have a dry spell. Pun intended.

During my trial membership, I swam three times. I didn’t realized how much I missed pool time and what a satisfying workout that is. The pool is only three lanes and it’s a little murky compared to all the glory of MizzouRec, but it got the job done.

So it it worth it? Do I pay 25 bucks a month for some laps and some Zumba? I must also mention that I’d probably get a cool key chain and some quality time with gym rats out of it. You can’t put a price on health and fitness.

Or, do I save my $380 and buy a Kate Spade purse? Or 760 Jack in the Box Tacos. Or go on a quick weekend trip some where new.

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