dennis and michelle visit

Dennis and Michelle visited us this weekend and we ate and drank our way around Dallas. I think I now need a cleanse. Whenever Josh and I crossed the threshold of lapsing into our non-public weird selves, they would step up their game and raise their freak flags just a litttttle higher.

I’m not sure we stopped talking, laughing or singing the whole time they were in town. Josh and Dennis played some Tom Petty for us when we decided we’d rather hang out than pay to see him in concert. Both nights we stayed at our apartment and listened to music while catching up.  Sometimes the best use of time is hanging on the couch. We roughed out an idea for The 2016 Election: The Musical! (Dibs on the KellyAnne Conway bit part.) We showed them TopGolf and the JFK museum. Michelle and I swapped a bunch of book recommendations and we got caught up on each others’ travels.

On Saturday, we kicked off the taco crawl wish Josh’s homemade breakfast tacos. Then had Torcy’s for lunch and Taco Dinner for dinner. So much queso.

We finally figured out the shows when we met (I met Michelle in Hello Dolly and Dennis during Joseph, we think) and discussed our dream roles. Thank you, Whitecliff Summer Playhouse. It’s kinda great how we all knew each other as individuals before we became couples. Maybe that’s part of the reason we all get along so well? Or maybe we’re just nerds who might break out into the same song at any minute.

Some of the tacos from the great taco crawl of 2017.