bully book club

You guys know my constant struggle to find a book club. I love to talk about what I’m reading, but I also want to read the books I want at my pace. Is that asking too much?

I know, I know.

Last week I finished Dark Matter by Blake Couch. It was fast and enthralling. Think Michael Crichton-like sciency thriller. Explaining too much of the story gives it away, so just trust me and start it.

I read it in two days and then pestered Josh to read it since my library loan lasts until the beginning of June. He’s in in the middle of a fat book in a 14 book series (woof), so he said he’d check it out after he finished his book. I tried to explain that he’d have to get back on the library wait list, and he wouldn’t get it until July.  And I needed to talk about it nowish.

I calmly explained that he would love the book and read it very quickly. Josh told me that I was being bossy, and he was invested in his current read. I reminded him that when he married me, he married into my book club. He rolled his eyes. I gently reminded him that he’s loved almost all the books I’ve ever recommend. This went in circles for four days. Being married to me is a real treat.

I finally wore him down.

He finished it in three days. At night I’m usually up reading while he’s ready to sleep. We swapped places this past week.

Turns out, Josh loved it too. We unloaded for 15 minutes straight. Next, I gave the book to Carolyn, who is not married to me, but sometimes participates in my bully book club. She read it in a day, also gave rave reviews. She is leaning on her husband to read it too. Erin is reading it in Chicago. Blake Crouch should really be sending me $$ or maybe an early edition of his next book.

I’m becoming a monster, but you should really check out Dark Matter.