My apartment has a little basketball facility and Liz has a basketball. We always say that we need to shoot some hoops, but things get in the way, like the basketball doesn’t have air or some angry guy is hogging the court.

The other day we were thinking about playing and a bunch of guys were playing a pick-up game. I used to see that at the Rec all the time. Just a bunch of guys casually shooting hoops. Ain’t no thing.

Uhh why don’t women do that? If I saw some girls playing basketball, I would never ask to join. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t. My friends never call me to see if I want to shoot around (except you, Liz). Why not?

What’s so different? Lady friends never ask me to play video games either, which is just fine with me. They’re not my jam.

Amy asked me to go rock climbing last weekend, and I’ve gone for walks and runs with gal pals before. Never really organized sports though.  Have we been conditioned our whole lives to do more feminine things like shopping and pedicures? Are we all sitting at home secretly wishing someone would call us up to shoot hoops or kick around a soccer ball? Maybe I’m just hanging with the wrong ladies. Justkidding.

I love playing basketball. The exercise is great and I can’t let my knockout shot get rusty. If anyone asked me to play, I’d say yes. Maybe Liz and I will start that trend.

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