My name is Shannon, and I have an addiction. It’s a shopping problem.

I know you might be thinking I’m not well-dressed enough to warrant a shopping problem. You are not wrong. Or maybe you think I’m in serious credit card debt. I am not.

I still can’t resist the urge to wonder around the mall or Target or Kohl’s or JC Penny when I’m feeling a bit blue. You never know when I’m going to find something that I “need.” I know I don’t need anything, but I’m really good at finding good deals. Perhaps too good.


If you’ve ever shopped with me, you know shopping is somewhat of a religious experience. I don’t mean this in a blasphemous way, but I feel like a spiritual higher power (I call her God) is guiding my credit card.

For example, my mom will find a pair of boots that she loves. They are of course on sale (of course), but they only have her size in brown. She already has brown boots, but could really use some black ones. She will call every Kohl’s in the Greater St. Louis Area to see if another store has her size/color. She is a warrior like that.

I will say, “Welp, it wasn’t meant to be.” If I really needed those boots, they would have had the right size and color. Because God has nothing to do but anticipate my shopping needs and manage the size 8 shoe selection at retail stores. I walk away from the boots 90% of the time. The other 10% my mom is shopping with me and convinces me it’s worth the hunt.

This week I was at Kohl’s. I had a $5 off coupon (coup for short) And as I always say, “Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.” I found a really great maxi that was marked down to $7.50! Unreal. Five bucks off? That’s a purple zebra J-Lo dress for $2.50.

But… it was too good to be true. Some vagrant peeled the sticker off another clearance item and put it on my perfect vacation dress. Hoodlum. I told myself that it just wasn’t meant to be.

The dress was actually $42 and I decided that I didn’t need it that bad afterall. Luckily, I went to JCP next and consoled my grieving heart with a blue top.