about golf

Yesterday I volunteered at my company’s golf tournament, working a “Beat the Pro” contest at the 14th hole. Last year I worked the tournament for our hospital and also had a blast.

Perhaps it because it was a charity event or that most of the people were escaping from the office for a couple of hours, but everyone was in a good mood. So many smiles and everyone was introducing everyone else.  It was a beautiful day, so maybe peeps were just happy to be outside, even if golf wasn’t their strength.

The limited amount of serious golfers I know are also really nice people. Ok, the casual ones are decent too. These guys (and gals) yesterday were such good sports, even when they accidentally hit the ball 30 feet on a drive.

Minus the overall expensiveness of it (green fees), I think golf makes for a cool hobby. If a certain exboyfriend of mine were to know that he might be mad that I didn’t get into while dating him (Sorry if you are reading this!!).

Sidenote, sporty golf fashions are also pretty sweet. And the Adams guys were telling me how golf shoes aren’t as ugly anymore.

golf costume