business of life

(from Austin Kleon)

Lately I’ve been swimming through paperwork and to do lists: making sure we have the right Christmas gifts for the right people, sending out cards, getting financials moved to Missouri, and on and on. Not having access to all my things (including places I’ve traditionally stashed my paperwork), makes it all the more difficult. It also gives me an excuse to make a pile between two other piles and say, I’ll get to that later.

Tis the season for waiting?

We’re waiting for packages, waiting for friends and family to get in town, waiting for snow (please!), waiting for Jesus, waiting for my sister to have a baby. Why not just wait to do some of that other stuff?

By the time I get home it’s cold and dark anyways, might as well put off whatever it was I was going to do. Plus, I just found out I am going to have a decent Christmas break (holla at my new job!), so I will have plenty of time to get to those piles then. Honestly, I’ll probably just hang with my niece and nephew and try to finish a book each day.

In the meantime, I need to find the motivation to at least get my daily business done. And I really need a haircut.



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