2017 plans

It’s time for resolutions. Actually, these should have happened last week, but it’s not like I can just wait until 2018 now. Here are my goals/resolutions/plans for the new year. You’ll recognize some of them from previous years and other from all of humankind’s lists.

Read a Jane Austen book. It’s embarrassing that I haven’t.

Write more. This gets on every list every year. This time, longer stuff and loves notes that I can mail.

Get my digital clutter under control, including regularly backing up photos. My gmail inbox is demanding a deep cleaning this year. So many newsletters, so little time. I finally unsubscribed to most of the sales and promos.

Eat more vegetables and less processed crap.

Eat less chocolate. Just kidding, maintain usual chocolate levels.

Catch up on back issues of magazines and some of unread books that are laying around.

Go somewhere new.

Explore Dallas more. I’ve heard of this crazy big mall I’ve never been to, also we need to check out the aquarium.

Try new recipes. Josh and I got some cookbooks for Christmas and I need to use them!

Continue only buying quality, comfortable footwear and using my anti-aging cream at night. Those hotdogs (my wrinkles) are coming in HOT.

More moving, less laying on the couch.

Learn to write the number 7 more beautifully. Why is it so ugly in my handwriting? Maybe I should improve my handwriting in general…

Ok, let’s go, 2017!






  1. How did you make it through an all-girls high school without reading Jane Austen?! Start with Pride and Prejudice. Skip Sense and Sensibility.

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