2016 numbers, etc.

You know I live for end of the year recaps. This one is my favorite so far. A Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield shared his list of all the progress we made, and it’s pretty impressive. Here are mine from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

This year I..

Flew 62 flights, adding up to 46,570 miles, for a total of 114:24 hours (yep, that feels about right).

read 44 books, thanks to a lot of airport time.

danced at 10 weddings.

made six videos: NYC, Big BendKristen’s BacheloretteLondon, Hefferfest and Phoenix.

filled two notebooks.

wrote 75 blog posts.

Other things of note that I want to remember fondly of 2016…

I went to New York City for the first time and then two more times. I love that place, what took so long? Josh and I also went to Big Bend, Phoenix and Tahoe as firsts.

Over the summer I traveled to Ireland, semi-alone. It was tricky at times, but mostly exhilarating.

My dad is adding on to the back of the house and he took out my basketball hoop. I’m not bitter at all. Not even a little.

Hamilton weaseled its way into my life when I thought I didn’t care. Oh boy, do I care. Thanks to the soundtrack, I’ve spent quality time googling and learning more about the revolution and Lin-Manuel Miranda. As an adult who no longer gets formal classroom learning I love getting bitten by a good book, or a show, and getting a secondary shot at an education. There’s so much to learn.

In the vein of continued learning, this year I subscribed to the New Yorker, the Skimm and the Dictionary.com Word of the Day emails. I highly recommend all three to keep the ole wheels turning.

I learned what the word demagogue means.

Not to dwell on the election, but it’s a real bummer that it was so late in the year and left a taste in my mouth. I was upset for a while, but I’m slowly letting go; forgiving others and myself. I’m instead pushing forward for progress and positivity.


If nothing else, I hope I look back at 2016 as a powerful time for the female friendships in my life. There’s been deep conversations over lunch, late at night in Airbnbs and on the phone about work, marriage, politics, family and the future. I’ve giggled over group texts that picked up exactly when I needed them. We squeezed in some weekends away and shared plenty of dances while celebrating each others’ weddings. This summer I saw my high school friends more than I have in years and loved feeling those bonds we created at 17 strengthen almost ten years later. For Christmas I received two notes that made me cry, realizing how lucky I am to live this life with these people.

What a year.