10,000 steps

Hello my name is Shannon and I have a FitBit… Hello Shannon.

I’m becoming a person I don’t want to be around and it’s all because of this silly bracelet. Josh bought it for me for Valentines (ahhhh romance) on Friday, and I’ve been possessed ever since.


Nobody wants to hear about your workout, no one. Talk for fifteen minutes to a crossfiter and it will come up. One drink later they are detailing their circuits and how much weight they can press. So I fully recognize, that no one cares about my steps. (Unless you’re my friend on the app, then you do.) Still I find myself sharing.

I announced how many hours of sleep I got at brunch on Saturday.

I jogged in place in front of Courtney’s cube when I talked to her.

It’s roughly 609 steps from my desk to my car.

I used the bathroom on a different floor just to get the extra staircase.

While watching Scandal, I walked in place and did side-to-sides in the living room.

In the wise, wise words of Jean Valjean, “Who am I?

The app is super, I can see my my friends’ steps and cheer or taunt them. Or send emojjs. Turns out, that’s what was missing in my life: another way to deliver emojis. I get a weird sense of pride knowing how much I slept and how many steps I do.

Usually, I’m an efficient person. I know the shortest, fastest way to get somewhere. Now I’m taking the long route for a few extra steps. I guess that’s a good thing, but it’s also a crazy thing.

It reminds me of Sharon from Boone. I wrote a story about her weight loss journey. Her biggest trick was making little changes. She unloaded the dryer one piece of clothes at a time and started parking father away. Little changes matter big time.

So is this FitBit making me healthier?  I’ve had it for five days, but I kinda think yes. Hopefully the newness wears off and I can stop being a weirdo.

But really, I need to get my steps in!