1000 cool points

This weekend I earned at least a thousand cool points. Not like anyone’s keeping track. Can we please note that I actually made non-mexican food! I made a little snack/app and this dessert for Brandon’s birthday. The jalapeño-cream cheese rolls are on the right. They didn’t look awesome, but I think they tasted pretty great.

i cooked

I’m a little proud.

On Saturday Amy invited me to go rock climbing with her. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous because I don’t love heights, but she was a great coach. Amy belyed me, took these photos on her phone, encouraged me and helped me by saying, “There’s a little purple rock to the right of your left foot.”

rock climbing reach

I got to the top a bunch of times. Amy is faster and could do way harder walls. She is on a rock climbing team. I think I earn some serious cool points by association.

We did some partner belaying which was fun. We also climbed with the autobelay machine. When you get to the top, you let go and drop for a split second. Maybe even less. Definitely enough time to feel your stomach drop and wonder if the machine will work (which it did). Once it caught your weight it would lower you slowly, which was enjoyable.

Every time I got to the top, Amy had to coax me into letting go. It feels a lot higher from up there and you feel like you’re just going to jump and land in a pile of bones on the floor. I had to channel my inner Mary Martin and try not to pee my pants in front of all the cool hippy climbers.

Me at the top second guessing that machine that kept me hanging from the ceiling.

Me at the top second guessing that machine that kept me hanging from the ceiling.

Turns out, pulling your body weight up a wall is a killer workout. Each time my feet came back to planet earth my heart was racing. It could have been from the workout or the effort it took to convince myself to go back down. Either way, I worked up a little sweat and I was feeling the love this morning in my arms and abs. I like how it made me feel strong and brave.

Luckily,  it got me in the mood for Liz and I’s inspiration for the week…

sweat in the am, party in the pm